Drug & Alcohol Testing Scheduler

PTC Launches New eTEST Scheduler

October 6, 2020

Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. has recently launched their new eTEST drug and alcohol test scheduler. Available for use to all PTC members, this fully electronic drug test scheduler allows users to schedule a drug or alcohol test for anyone in the United States without the need for a drug testing kit or paper chain of custody form.

The eTEST module was created specifically with the simple goal of scheduling a drug test easy. Clients can quickly schedule a drug and/or alcohol test on their employees at over 2500 collection sites around the United States. “The current off-the-shelf resources available in the industry were too universal in their offerings and made their services hard to navigate and understand.” says Jeff Martens, manager of PTC, “We’ve developed an amazing, easy to use system that is catered to each clients’ specific drug and alcohol program.”  The eTEST system is linked to the FormFox platform allowing drug and alcohol tests to be performed at any FormFox equipped collection site.

Scheduling an eTEST is done in just four steps:

  1. Enter the donor’s information.
    Choose from the employees in your current drug program to automatically populate the requested donor information or add new donors.
  2. Choose the test needed. 
    The type of testing available is specific to each client which helps users avoid conducting a test outside the scope of their drug policy. Quick links are also embedded in various sections of PTC Online allowing the user to schedule a test on a specific employee with the push of a button.
  3. Select the collection site.
    Choose from 2000+ sites across the US. Save default settings to a particular location. Collection site information is updated daily.
  4. Notify the donor. 
    Donors are sent collection details via email or text and can walk into any eTEST approved collection site with their electronic instructions.

Furthermore, an eTEST quick-link icon can be found next to applicable employees on our random selection page. This awesome feature pre-loads all known employee information AND the random test required into the eTEST system, further making the scheduling process quick and easy.

Tracking capabilities are built into the eTEST system so users are aware of collection times and dates, with notifications of completed collections sent to the scheduler.

PTC has also developed a mobile friendly version called eTEST MOBILE, allowing those working remotely to quickly schedule a test from their mobile device. eTEST MOBILE is accessed via the login button.

For more information about eTEST and other PTC exclusive services, contact us below or call 800-294-8758.

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