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Regulations are complicated.
Our programs keep life simple.

It’s easy to get lost in the complex drug and alcohol regulatory landscape. With Pipeline Testing Consortium, our three-pronged (Programs/Testing/Compliance) approach keeps you in the driver’s seat.


Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan

Our plans keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory environment. If you have unique testing and compliance needs, our experts can help you develop and execute your non-DOT protocol.

A Designated Account Executive

Our expert staff averages 10 years of hard-won experience. They have the expertise you need to meet DOT regulations and client requirements. Your dedicated executive monitors your testing and compliance program daily.

Web Access and Control

PTC Online is a comprehensive portal that delivers rich features and access to your most vital data. With PTC Online, you can:

  • Receive and view alcohol and drug test results.
  • Search employee testing history.
  • View/Manage employee pool roster.
  • Obtain DOT Plans and acknowledgement forms.
  • View and manage random selection listings per quarter.
  • Track DOT history checks.
  • Access supervisor training portal.
  • Download forms and information.
  • Edit company information.
  • Link to online bill payment.
  • Track testing kit shipments, and more.
  • Schedule an electronic drug test.


Alcohol and Drug Testing Kits

PTC furnishes all relevant supplies, chain-of-custody forms and overnight air bills. Each testing kit includes the proper forms to perform the alcohol or drug test. Instructions for collection and billing are included in each testing kit. Not interested in testing kits? Use our eTEST scheduler to test employees electronically!

Certified Laboratory Services

Provided through Clinical Reference Laboratory (Lenexa, KS), for all drug testing. PTC also conducts an annual review and inspection of the laboratory.

Onsite Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

Our MRO oversees the drug testing results to ensure validity of the results and to make sure that the employee’s rights and confidentiality are preserved.

Nationwide Collection Site Network

Thousands of ready-for-use collection sites throughout the nation are within our collection site network and approved for use.

Testing Schedules

PTC coordinates random testing using a computerized number generator. This procedure provides utmost objectivity and fairness to employees. We also help track and schedule return-to-duty and follow-up tests.

Random Testing Pool Management

On a daily basis, we manage all employee information, name changes, proper pool selection, and the addition or deletion of employees.

DOT Drug/Alcohol History Checks

Employers hiring DOT-regulated applicants must obtain information about alcohol and/or drug misuse from the applicant’s previous employers. We perform the DOT drug and alcohol history checks required on new DOT applicants.

Statistical Data Reporting

We handle statistical reporting to the DOT, partner companies and client offices. Your testing data is tracked quarterly and can be automatically submitted wherever you need it.


Compliance Audit Assistance

PTC provides test records, statistical data reports and other items requested by auditors or inspectors.

Audit Records, Reports and Data

Do you need your data sent to NCMS, Veriforce or another auditing agency? Employee rosters, plans, stat data… PTC automatically provides your program information to these agencies on a daily, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Supervisor Materials

PTC provides informational material for employees and supervisors. Our informative educational materials are available in English or Spanish and include:

Online Supervisor Training

DOT requires one hour of drug training and one hour of alcohol training for supervisors. Our training course empowers your staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of controlled substance and alcohol misuse. Supervisors can access this module at any time to complete and document their training.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

PTC coordinates follow-up schedules established by the SAP.


We manage all recordkeeping in compliance with DOT regulations and company policies. All electronic records are stored securely and confidentially.

Quality Control Management

Numerous internal checks and balances help ensure your data is correct and compliant.

Compliance Education

We provide Designated Employee Representative (DER) training information and host bi-annual client seminars.

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