Client-Specific Compliance Support

Meet client requirements with ease. Empower your partnerships with PTC’s adaptable approach to compliance success. 

What We Provide

Their requirements. Your needs. Our mission.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Our NCMS-developed, Client-Required Drug & Alcohol Testing policy can be provided should you work for an applicable pipeline operator.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Let us know the drug test panel(s) required for your employees to obtain site-access. Quickly schedule, test, and track drug and alcohol collections online through our custom-built eTEST module.

Account Executive

An experienced and dedicated Account Executive is assigned to your organization, providing daily administration of testing and monitoring of your program.

Annual/Random Testing

Developed per your clients’ random or annual testing requirements. Our computer-generated randomization technique provides the utmost objectivity and fairness to all employees.

Pool Management

You can manage your employee information, pool assignments and the addition or deletion of employees.

Statistical Data Reports

Your testing data is tracked on a quarterly basis and available for your viewing. We can report your data on your behalf to whomever you determine.

Collection Sites

Testing is conducted through our nationwide network of drug and alcohol testing facilities. On-site testing and after-hours emergency testing is available too. With thousands of facilities to choose from, we are confident you’ll find a testing facility near you.

Certified Laboratory

Services provided by SAMHSA-certified Clinical Reference Laboratory. We conduct periodic reviews and on-site audits of CRL to ensure their compliance.

In-House MRO Services

Medical Review Officer services are provided by our very own sister organization, American Medical Review Officers, LLC.

Our exclusive, in-house service provides you with quicker turnaround-times and direct access to the MRO.

Awareness Materials

Employee assistance materials on drug and alcohol awareness are available for both employees and supervisors. These materials are offered in both English and Spanish.

Automatic Data Submissions

We can setup your employee rosters, plans, statistical data to be automatically submitted to requesting agencies on a daily, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.

We regularly submit information to over 50 auditing agencies and pipeline operators on our client’s behalf… including twice-daily submissions to our sister company, National Compliance Management Service, Inc.

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Our online supervisor training course gets rave reviews. It’s included in your program, too!

Web Access & Control

Unlock PTC Online, our comprehensive portal with access to your most vital background check data. 

…and more

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